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Bluehost: What’s Your Story?

Bluehost is a shared hosting company which is listed within the top 20 web hosting domains ever to hit the World Wide Web. Its sister company HostMonster & FastDomain is smaller in nature and has few clientele compared to Bluehost’s 1.9 million domains worldwide. At a promotional price of $5.95 dollars per month, it sure is one of the cheapest and most affordable web hosting services available.

On its website,, they emphasize that there will be no hidden fees. That is absolutely true. You just pay the minimal monthly cost without any hassles. What you get are freebies which for starters include a domain name and unlimited bandwidth for data transfer.

Another thing to take note of is unlimited web storage for storing your files. A control panel is made available for customizing. It is a fully featured web-based cPanel that customizes your web interface.

The best Bluehost features are free domain set-up, unlimited domain hosts, 1 account for multiple domains, unparalleled customer service, over 1,000,000 hosted domains, PHP version 5.2.11 and cPanel 11.25. These are all included.

Other features you’ll find with Bluehost are unlimited disk space, international name domain support, free drag and drop, add-on domains, sub-domains, parked domains, free blog, forum, chat, and 24/7 support including the use of the following software. Namely Guestbook, Forum, Mambo and Joomla unlimited hosting, PHP 5 Support, Ruby on Rails, Customizable Error Pages and others.

Just visit their website and you’ll be awed at what services they offer. The features are really a must and at the same time really over-whelming.

Bluehost has been in the business of web hosting since 2003 and now it is aimed at providing quality content to its users and is now privately owned. Simulated by a proactive approach, they have grown through the years and will continue to develop as they move on.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that can cater to your needs, as one reviewer puts it, there’s no other way than to say it than with Bluehost. It has a server speed which is absolutely fast. All the features come like goodies in a basket, all for you to enjoy.

According to another user, he was happy with Bluehost because even though he had problems at 3 a.m. in the morning, his questions were answered by the support team immediately. The support team was also very knowledgeable about the problems he had, aside from already being friendly and accommodating.

Another reaction is that Bluehost is a cutting edge technology. With all the great features offered, there’s no sense in missing out on Bluehost. Unlike other web hosting facilities, Bluehost is fast, efficient and beyond reproach. They are a solid web hosting company known for their service and incredible uptime percentages.

So are you now thinking of joining the growing web-hosting company, if you haven’t already? Well, stop thinking about it and sign up, it’s just a few clicks away. Surely you’ll be satisfied in finding the right solution for you.

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Bluehost and Quality Customer Service

Do you know what Bluehost is? Besides being the most renowned web hosting service, it is capable of many features that can make a web master streamline their duties and easily multi-task. It is because as innovative as the mind already is, Bluehost recognizes that there’s always room for more creativity and ideas. As they say, life is a learning process and experience is the best teacher. So every time you click on the search box, you learn more and more. Bluehost is a determining factor in this learning because as readers can get acquainted with your website’s content, you continue to explore the features available from Bluehost to make that content even better in the future.

Bluehost is a 24 hour a day and seven day a week web site hosting service. So in case there are problems with your web site and need technical support, you can contact them anytime and from anywhere. They are a team dedicated to quality service and making their lives meaningful means serving you with the utmost courtesy. It is because they care for you and your needs that no one can beat them at being there for their customers.

They also have courtesy site back-ups, which automatically stores your data onto a site with a round the clock monitoring service.

At Bluehost, they provide you with Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections. It is similar to a frame based computer networking device for local area networks. It allows for a numbering and signalling system for the physical layer of the standard networking module together with common addressing format and different Medium Access Control schemes at the lower area of the Data Link. Gigabit Ethernet refers to various frames in which Ethernet is calculated on a gigabyte per second. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet denotes a billion bits per second which is ten times as fast as that of gigabit Ethernet.

So how do you know that your site is being recognized all over the world? You better start with Bluehost’s site promotion. Site promotion is a means by which you can introduce or direct your readers to a link for your site. Bluehost does this through search engine submission. This allows for the webmaster to have an automatic submission to the search engines so that people can find your sites more quickly.

Bluehost has been serving their clients for 15 years and in those years of service, very few were dissatisfied with the product. It is because they know the problems of hosting and realize that even a single rotten apple in the bunch can spoil everything. So they have maintained resource protection where a single user cannot cause problems to other innocent clients. That is why they are now limiting those who consume too much memory in order to give you the protection from with the problems made by other abusive users.

At Bluehost, they work and live for you, the clients. Everything is all about service, satisfaction and guarantees. It’s all part of a promise they are willing to make.

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Bluehost’s State of the Art Technology

Bluehost boasts world-class technology and why not?  They’ve been reviewed by as having the best of the best when it comes to computing technology anywhere on the planet.  This is probably why they are supporting hundreds of thousands of websites.  Bluehost is one of the most reliable web hosting services around.  They have a plethora of features that set it apart for high quality as well as propelling their services to international recognition.  Some of their most prominent features include:

  • Dual-Quad Performance Processor Servers: What is a dual quad performance processor?  The processor, or the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is technically the computer’s brain.  A dual core processor has two separate cores on the same die which is equivalent to getting two microprocessors in one.  In effect, Bluehost has dual-quad servers, otherwise known as Opteron servers, which are faster than most competitors’ servers and are extremely reliable.
  • UPS Power Backup:  Essentially, UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply or Source.  UPS’ are used to provide emergency power when the input power source, normally the utility main, fails.  UPS’ differ from standby generators and emergency power systems because it provides for nearly instantaneous protection from power interruptions by using electronic circuitry for low power users with one or more attached batteries.  Bluehost’s servers are capable of backing up this power source so that their servers as well as your data have the shortest downtime as possible.  This is because UPS’ on-battery runtime is relatively short, usually no more than 15 minutes, which allows for auxiliary power sources to be brought on-line effectively.
  • Diesel Generator Backup Power: These are diesel powered generators which are designed to handle long-term power outages rather than UPS power backup technology.  Diesel Generators do take longer to power up, usually around 15 minutes, but if they are used in conjunction with UPSs, there will be virtually no downtime involved.

Bluehost is completely unique in that they offer both UPS and Diesel Generators to ensure that their clients are well taken care of and experience as little downtime as possible.

  • Linux Operating System: Linux has become a force in the computing world and is currently powering everything from the NYSE to consumer devices to supercomputers to mobile phones.  Linux is an open source system that has over 1,000 developers located in at least 100 different countries that contribute to each and every aspect of the OS, from inception all the way to ongoing support.  Unlike Linux, Windows and OS X are extremely limited in their uses.  Linux is useful in desktop settings as well as for other devices that can only be run through Windows or through OS X.
  • Apache Web Server: Apache servers have evolved to rival other web servers in terms of performance and functionality.  Since its inception in April 1996, Apache has become the most popular HTTP server software in the world today.  As of May 2011, Apache is estimated to be serving 63% of all websites in the World.

Technologically, Bluehost can’t be beat when it comes to state of the art features.  They are continually keeping up to date with the latest features available.

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Bluehost: Keeping Up with the Modern Times

Bluehost offers various supplementary features. It is home to E-Commerce services. E-Commerce refers to the sale of products and services over the internet through online retailers and distributors. Spelled out as electronic commerce, it includes the processes of marketing, selling, developing, delivering and serving as well as paying for the products or services. The web has been a meeting place for electronic banking systems, internet marketing, chain management supply, inventory management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange and automatic data collection. It is all you could want to fulfill your online shopping needs.

Here are Bluehost’s great features, all of which are essential to E-Commerce:

  1. SSL Secure Server creates a secured connection between the client and server. SSL is a shortcut for Secure Sockets Layer, which is used to send private data across the internet. Made by Netscape, two secret encryptions of data are used. A public key known to the readers and a private key known only to the recipient of the message. The most common use for SSL is to privately encrypt credit card numbers.
  2. OsCommerce is another powerful tool. It is a result of collaboration with e-commerce and an online store management platform. With PHP and MySQL installation, it can be used on any web server directly. It has changed significantly since its release in March 2000 and is now made of a program characterized by object oriented backend templates for easy layout mechanisms and username/password definition during installation. Now, jack up osCommerce with the OS Commerce Shopping Cart where you can hold all of your shopping items electronically. If OS Commerce Shopping Cart is not enough for you, you can also experiment with Agora , Cube Cart and Zen Cart Shopping Carts for all your shopping needs.
  3. Bluehost also comes with a Free Generated Certificate. A Free Generated Certificate is actually a secured SSL certificate. These certificates are made available through a creative cPanel. Password protected directories are also one of the main ways webmasters are able to protect relevant directories using passwords and usernames so that only persons intended to be recipients of the data or information can access the domain site. The last feature it can have is the OpenPGP/GPG Encryption, which is for non-proprietary protocol for typing e-mails through the use of cryptography. Such protocol allows for the formats for encrypted messages, certificates and signatures transfer or exchange of public keys.

Bluehost keeps up with the modern times and continues to improve its products. As in the case of E-Commerce platforms, modernization is the name of the game. So be hip, be in and be modern. Join Bluehost’s web hosting service now and make your internet experience a pleasurable one. Learn to sell, shop, market, advertise and much more through the internet. After all, the internet is a plethora of opportunities. Opportunities for you to make your life easier and more high-tech. Share in the modernization possibilities of Bluehost and your web sites will be up and running no time.

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Creating Dynamic Websites Through Bluehost’s Multimedia Features

Bluehost may be the leader in web hosting services but did you know that they also support a plethora of multimedia features as well?  These will enable your website to be as dynamic as possible.  Their help desk feature will allow you to determine which multimedia features are perfect for your website.  They support – which are provided free of charge within their web hosting plan – streaming audio/video support, real audio/video support and MIDI file support.  Bluehost also gives you the ability to add custom MIME types.  Following are the basics for what all of this means.

Streaming media, in itself, refers more to the delivery method of the medium, such as audio and/or video, rather than to the medium itself.  Multimedia streaming is an ingenious invention that enables you to start watching or hearing video or audio output before the file is completely downloaded to your computer, as was needed in the past.  The delivery system of both audio and video allows for them both to function in perfect harmony with each other.

Steaming media comes from the compression of both the video and audio codec; which in layman’s terms is the process of compression or decompression of large downloadable files.  Bluehost supports streaming media in almost all of its format capabilities.

Bluehost also supports real audio and video within their website construction features.  Real audio and video is almost the same as streaming media.  Unlike streaming media though, real-time video and audio involves digital audio/video streams that are transmitted from a server over the internet to a specific place and then played immediately, instead of being stored to disk prior to being played.

Another feature that they offer is MIDI file support.  MIDI means Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which is a protocol by which electronic equipment, musical instruments and computers can harmonize with each other.  MIDIs are particularly useful within the music industry since it transmits messages such as pitch, sounds, volume, notes, effects and other musical attributes through the use of a specific set of commands.  MIDI files are so popular because they do not need to store the captured sounds as digitized audio files as compact discs for example have to do.  The MIDI file is indicative of a set of events that interpret the distinct steps that a device must take to be able to generate and playback certain sounds.

A particularly popular multimedia feature that Bluehost supports is adding custom MIME types.  MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.  These are used to tell applications over an internet browser how to handle certain extensions, unlike Apache handlers that tell the server how to handle files.  Bluehost allows you to alter or add new MIME types specifically for your site’s use.  This is particularly beneficial when new types of internet technology is introduced, which happens on a regular basis.

Throughout the multimedia universe, Bluehost has all that you need to compete with the other bigwigs out there and at a very manageable price.  Bluehost is a well-rounded product which will cater to your every need when it comes to you creating your most dynamic website ever.

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Bluehost: More is Better

Bluehost is actually inexpensive. With the minimal amount that you pay, you get various freebies and such. These would include the following.

Message Forum (PHPBB and More): This deals with the use of forums or a message board where people can converse in the format of posted messages. They are different from chat rooms in the sense that those posted before it must be approved by a moderator. In Bluehost’s platform, a moderator is unnecessary. PHPBB is another free and open source forum platform which is easy to use, dynamic and highly customizable. Other forum set-ups are available on the web.

Form-Mail Scripts: If you’re used to designing on the web, then this may not be a misnomer. Otherwise, it is. But in case it really is a misnomer, Form-Mail Scripts is a program that is run by a web server. Being the simplest processing script, it takes the information encoded into the web form and then e-mails it to the webmaster. However, some disadvantages of this platform are limited script function, using your e-mail address to be accessed by spammers or those sending unsolicited e-mails, and is sometimes unsecured and used to send spam. But with the added security features of Bluehost, this will not be a problem anymore.

Social Networking: It’s essential for highly customizable basics like a non-encryption and open source script, multiple customizable themes and layouts, new blogs, chats and forum platforms, easy to install, powerful administration panels and others used to get into sites like Orkut, Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook and Friendster.

Moodle: Another important feature which stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is essential as an electronic learning system or course management platform for educating online students in various technological courses. Such courses revolve around the aim to concentrate on interaction and collaboration of ideas and content towards progressive development.

Tikiwiki: Another must know feature is called Wiki for short and is an open source platform wiki-based content management system. It’s an online office process for management tools, creation of good content, navigation aids, communication tools, as well as configuration and administration of status.

Drupal: Just another CMS scale open source system which is used to back up systems like those used in blogging from the areas of corporate to government data.

Joomla: This is one thing Bluehost can brag about. It is another CMS for the publication of content, data or information in the internet. It is also known as an independent web application framework.

Through Bluehost you are also offered ScriptsBlog Support like WordPress, b2evolution and more that are used for blogging sites. Mailing Lists Image Galleries like Coppermine and more are for your albums of pictures, images, graphics and other forms. Poll and Survey Software which allow you to make quizzes, surveys and polls for your readers to vote on regarding their ideas, insights and opinions.

Other features include Project Management Scripts which aid in delivering content in time while Help Center/Support Ticket Scripts mainly used to process client requests.

Bluehost offer all these and more. As they say, more is better. So join Bluehost and find out how much more they offer.

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Bluehost and Living the Life You Wanted

Bluehost offers the most affordable and reliable web hosting solutions. At $6.95 dollars per month, you get no hidden fees. Just free instant set-up and money back guarantee in case you sign up now. But more than that, it is really a web hosting haven to engage in.

It supports Javascript, which is a scripting language that tackles world class functionality. Through this prototype basis, it provides user interfaces and powerful websites. Computational objects are made enjoyable in this hosting environment. This application type also allows for the significance of installing PDF documents, widgets for desktops and site-specific searches. In the programming language, Javascript uses a syntax annotated by the influence of C. Its dynamic typing is clearly associated with the values and not the variables. It has an eval function that executes statements provided as run-time strings.

It also has DHTML Support, which is a term that involves a collaboration of making interactive and animated websites. It uses the static mark-up language signified as HTML which is itself a client-side scripting language, a language of definition and the object model based on the document. It allows the scripting language to be performed into variables. Thus, affecting the look and function of static HTML content after the pages have been loaded and manifested during the viewing process.

Another way to go is Flash Support. Certain kinds, like Adobe Flash is a multi-media platform used for adding animation, video and interactivity to your pages. Known for its ability to delve into gaming and advertisements, it has become part of rich internet applications. It consists of animation of text, drawings and still images which manipulate vector and raster graphics. Having bi-directional streaming of audio and video, it can capture movements and changes inputted through a keyboard, a mouse, a camera and a microphone.

A new term that is included with the package is Shockwave Support. It is another result of Adobe’s brainstorming which is also for animation and interactivity of media put onto your web pages. It gives the Adobe Director a chance to be published and viewed on any computer web browser where a Shockwave plug-in is installed. Technically for making online animations and movies, it has revolved around game development platforms. But even charting, graphing or calculation can be supported by this platform which also simulates real world physics.

SimpleScripts 1-Click Script Installs is another area where Bluehost won’t be ignored. Whether you have a personal or business web site, you can access many top applications in a single click. It is known as a hosted service, which means that whether or not your hosting site supports it, you can add applications to your existing web hosting account.

There are many realms by which Bluehost can help you. All you have to do is sign up for the web hosting service, where else but on the internet. Just by doing so, you get to have all the features and Bluehost will always come in handy in living the life you wanted.

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